The Hopper Group, LLC, provides comprehensive campaign support for Republican candidates. Since 1980 The Hopper Group, LLC and Tommy Hopper have compiled a solid winning record of electing Republicans at every level, from the Courthouse to the White House. THG primarily provides general consulting, direct mail, and media, but as a service oriented company also provides any other service needed by a campaign through a network of partners and colleagues.

Tommy Hopper has over 30 years of practical, on-the-ground, working campaign experience. He started putting up yard signs for former Senator Bill Brock in 1976. Since then, he has served as campaign manager for dozens of campaigns, as Chair of the Tennessee Republican Party, a state director for the campaign of President Bush, Field Director for the RNC and NRCC, and Political Director of the RNC. He has helped win majorities in statehouses in Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. Few leaders have a better track record of serving the conservative cause and the Republican Party, with a list of proven winners to back it up (See “The Winners Circle” for a partial listing of Hopper winners)

We win because we know and execute the fundamentals of strategy, especially a winning campaign message. We do the basic blocking and tackling of campaigns, from finding campaign managers, to planning the ground game, to media and mail. We don’t inflate our record or achievements, and we know and believe strongly in the value of humility in consultants. We know others have good ideas, and we help distinguish the truly good ideas that should be done from the hundreds of ideas that might be done. Knowing what works, what is important, and making the most of scarce resources is the essence of good campaign leadership.

As an example of that leadership, in the 2011 Virginia elections, The Hopper Group, LLC guided all ten clients to victory, including three of the top races in the state, and helping achieve the largest House Republican majority in history.


Direct Mail Campaigns

Our mail is second to none. We have been in this business for 20 years, and we know what works (and more importantly what doesn’t).


Media Campaigns

Our media is done on time and on budget. Again, we know what works (and more importantly what doesn’t), so trust that you are in good hands.