A Proven Record of Winning

Over 200 wins for Republican campaigns and causes.

Some of our services include:

  • General Consulting
  • Campaign Planning/Budget
  • Building a Team
  • Direct Mail
  • Media
  • Fundraising (We are not a fundraising consulting company, but we can help)
  • Research
  • Website/Online Strategy

Our general consulting services are based on a solid foundation of experience, starting 34 years ago as a volunteer in President Reagan’s winning 1980 campaign. Our paid campaign experience dates to 1984, 31 years of experience working for you. Unlike many other firms, when you hire The Hopper Group, LLC, your principal contact will be Tommy Hopper, not a junior partner. We limit the number of campaigns we work each cycle, and we are there when you need us.

We do not do “cookie cutter” campaigns, and we view every campaign as unique, requiring a personalized strategy and plan to achieve victory.


“It’s easy to point to influential politicians who showcase their craft on the national or state-level political stage. But what gets them there? More importantly, who gets them there? To find out, C&E conducted more than 100 interviews with consultants, journalists and political insiders from across the country. The result, which we’re calling The Influencers 500, is a collection of some of the top names in the consulting business state by state. Tommy Hopper, president & CEO, The Hopper Company: Hopper is a former state GOP chairman known for his aggressive approach to confronting campaign rivals.” In a career spanning three decades, Hopper has helped over 200 campaigns and causes win.

Over three decades of winning: We’ve helped over 200 campaigns and causes win. We can help you win, too.